There Must Be An Angel

One day out of the blue, I heard this song playing by the Eurhythmics and I was suddenly awash with joy and delight – thrilled even down to the tips of my toes! This music wound its way around me whole self and I was giggling and hugging myself! Every note felt like I too was playing with Angels.

I played that song over and over for a week straight. Me – who had this whole ex-Catholic baggage over “holiness”, “angels” and “religion” was purely ecstatic over the thought of being completely surrounded by angels!

I suddenly became aware that I was never alone - that in a non-creepy way, there is always angelic assistance as soon as you allow yourself to be tapped in and aware.

What is an angel?




  1. 1. a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

"God sent an angel to talk to Gideon"

  1. 2. a person of exemplary conduct or virtue.

My given name is Angela. I had always thought that this name was too heavy a responsibility – Messenger of God? Indeed! This idea was long before my understanding of just what that phrase meant. Being named that did not mean I was the mouthpiece of a distant and angry God – nor did it mean that I had to get into formation and get down with the “praising of God” all day long. When I was a kid – that’s what the imagery seemed to depict of angels doing – Lounging around on clouds, singing operatic hymns all dang day long to the Spirit in the sky on the throne.

I truly felt back in the day that being named thus I would have to devote my whole life to doing good works! Which meant to me, too big a bite to chew -and whoa Nellie – all I wanted most of all was to feel less of a freak and more “normal” than I currently was configured to be.

I am a six foot tall, big bootied, big eyed Amazon who laughs loudly and proudly and who really would prefer having her nose deep in between the pages of a book to like you know – be away from anyplace but here LOL

But now my monumental ego has taken a seat. I have calmed down. Being named after Angels does not mean I have to BE one . Besides how can I be this type of spiritual being when I have my hands full being me! Which is completely enough!

Thank you Annie Lennox and Dave for creating a song to help me reconnect with my child-like delight in the magical world where Angels exist freely and I can enjoy the idea of them without thinking I have to be one….

But did you see that second part of the definition?

A person of exemplary virtue…Virtue is another part of the picture. Virtue just means values. I value being good to not only myself but to others. I value lovingkindness, joy, supportive love and being responsive appropriately whenever I can.

And whenever I find a situation that feels too heavy or too difficult for me to bear alone – that’s the perfect opportunity to call for help from the Angelic realms. Thank heavens we are not alone!

Thank heavens for Angels.

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