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Image by Ethan  Marston
Image by Carolyn V

What my mission is:

I became a licensed Practitioner in Religious Science through Center of the Heart, a Center for Spiritual Living, in Santa Barbara, CA in 2018.  What I learned after five years of spiritual study was that God indeed truly loves us all.   


The mission that I took on as a Practioner was to be a channel for God's love.  So what that means in a nutshell is: I am in service always to be a point of grace and love for the benefit of myself and for all others.   


The better I am at loving and caring,  the better I am at holding space for healing and this allows all of the good in life to flow in all around us.  The better we feel about ourselves, the better the world becomes in whatever corner on the planet where we stand.  I want to be in service of this Divine Happening.  

Thanks to my life long journey, my Practitioner training and my deep abiding curiosity in spirituality, psychology, and metaphysics, I am walking this earth, experiencing life and all that engenders, aware, empathetic, determine to see with love and do with love.  That is my mission.

 Spirit is the doer and the knower within me that guides all that I am.

With that said here are some gifts that I offer :

  • Written Word

  • Visual Art

  • Listening 

  • Intuition based Healing Arts

  • Guidance & Leadership

  • Loving & Learning

  • Laughter


This website is my calling card, if you will - for establishing that loving what you do creates a beauty that helps heal us all.

My Vision

My wish is for the planet is a remembrance of the fact that more similarities exist between us than what is different. 


We are all children of the Divine, here to help one another if the road ahead gets too dim and unsteady. 


If I can bear witness to the miracle of life in all my encounters, then I am seeing through God's eyes - with love and appreciation. This is my charge.  If I am seeing correctly, the simple fact of the matter is that every single one of us is a Superstar. 


No one here is truly rejected, forgotten, forsaken, nor neglected; I have a vision where every person will be acknowledged, accepted, and celebrated. When this is established on earth, the heavenly sweetness that Creator intended for us to enjoy all along will be a fact.  I am determined to do my part.

This is not only possible - it is a done deal. And so it is.